Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Swiss Progress SA is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and users. We do not allow any violation of privacy as we protect users’ personal information that may be collected through our games. We have established security standards to disallow any unauthorized access to user information as we consider the protection of personal information is highly important. The following policy outlines how Swiss Progress collects personal information and what we do with it once it is collected. This Privacy Policy applies only to personal information that may be collected on and after the date that this Privacy Policy is posted.

Information we may receive

Basic user information to access third party applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Play Game Services. Basic user information may include but is not limited to user name, gender, language, network, e-mail address, user ID, profile picture and any other information the user has made public. Location information through technologies such as Unity with which the app is developed. Device and Android information.

What we do with the collected information

Facebook and Twitter account information is used to only post results or game related info on behalf of the user if they allow the app to do so. The location information may be used by itself, aggregated or combined with mobile identifiers (such as Android IDs), and shared with third parties, for purposes related to advertising, attribution (e.g. measuring ad performance) analytics and research. Swiss Progress is committed to maintaining the privacy of our users as we will not share, sell, trade or in any way communicate personal information we store about our users with third parties without their permission.


Swiss Progress uses AdMob for its games as an ad serving technology that use certain methods to collect information. AdMob may use location information as well as information logged from your device, this data is analysed by AdMob as part of the service offered to Swiss Progress, in order to analyse the use of online advertising and to present you in real time with relevant advertising.

This Privacy Policy may be subject to changes

This Privacy Policy may change at any time as the game may be improved. Users should review this policy periodically in order to note any changes that may have been made.

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